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IMPORTANT NOTE: this page is now defunct! original hearts has been moved to this page alongside a proper widget for it. if you were previously a member you are welcome to reapply above, and any interested parties please head there! thank you!

original hearts is a webring for webmasters who create, draw, and/or blog about original characters!

to join, you can either email me by clicking the join link at the top, or comment on the neocities profile! your site must have some form of content of your original characters on it, and have content warnings for nsfw content or sensitive content (gore, violence, etc). when requesting to join, just include your name, site link, and if you'd like to warn for nsfw or other kinds of content!
please note I have the right to decline any requests to join at my discretion.

if you've joined, don't forget to link back using this button!


Name yoursite.com warnings (if applicable)

Carl Bettis bedriegherjunction.com nsfw warning
CyberCat2000 cybercat2000.neocities.org no warnings
dizzy doctordizzy.neocities.org body horror warning
Fluxbender thesnazziverse.neocities.org nsfw warning
Gilda gildedware.neocities.org no warnings
ladylibertine hedonistrevolutionary.neocities.org light nsfw warning
Mira 1337nightbug.neocities.org body horror warning
nine9000 thegvttr.neocities.org no warnings
zin pokeau.com no warnings